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Calvary Chapel of Upland’s Children’s Ministry is a ministry that seriously takes on the responsibility of training up our kids in the ways of our Lord (Prov 22:6).  We have seen, even as John the apostle saw, that there is “no greater joy than this, to hear of [our] children walking in the truth” (3 John 4)

In order to walk in the truth, our children need to first learn the truth.  No Greater Joy is a ministry committed to the integrity of God’s Word.  The truth we seek is found in the infallible pages of Scriptures and as a ministry we teach each page of the Bible as an opportunity to proclaim the mighty God we serve.  We are steadfast in presenting God’s Word as a way to highlight Him, as opposed to just imparting another Bible story.  Our teachers take seriously the role of pointing out the attributes of God so our kids learn who it is we serve.

It is our desire that the children of No Greater Joy are well loved and strongly exhorted in their faith.  We understand that God may choose to use these kids to further His kingdom and be used mightily in the dark world around them so we want them to be well equipped for whatever the Lord has planned before them.  We desire to come alongside families to complement the Biblical training already taking place at home.  We long that the parents of CCU have the freedom to enjoy a church service with the confidence that the spiritual needs, as well as the physical needs, of their children are cared for.

Our teachers commit to three training workshops each year.  These are times in which pedagogy and teaching effectiveness are addressed.  We don’t want our teachers to simply be present in the classroom, we all seek to serve the Lord excellently and we understand that He deserves our very best.  So, throughout the year, ministry leaders are available as resources and any means of help to ensure that the ministry is always moving forward.  To that means, we also conduct yearly evaluations with each teaching team so we can come alongside to encourage and support; but quite frankly many times we are simply blown away to see how faithful our Lord is in using the church to edify and build one another up.

For our students we offer verse by verse teaching of the Holy Bible as well as thematic units.  We acknowledge God-centered holidays and teach such holidays through the lens of Scripture.  We desire the kids to gain a God-centered world-view in which they recognize God to be at work in their daily life as well as see the providence of God through history.

No Greater Joy sponsors an annual Vacation Bible School that is a highlight of our year!  We have an entire week dedicated to the study of God’s Word through worship, skits, games, crafts, and of course- the Word!  This has been such a fruitful week in the lives of the kids, but also those who are involved through helping.  We also have begun an annual Bible Bee in which the children are quizzed on the curriculum taught to them by No Greater Joy.  This is not a forum in which we praise puffed-up knowledge, but a way for us to encourage the hiding of God’s Word (Ps 119:11-12) in the hearts of our kids. We have been so blessed as we see the fruit of the ministry in the hearts of our kids.  It is this fruit that allows us to boldly proclaim that there is “no greater joy than to see [our] children walking in the truth.”  To God be the glory!


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