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Mission Statement

The Gleanings Ministry’s mission is to address the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those in the local fellowship and surrounding community.  Our goal is to assist individuals and families from being in need to achieving stability, becoming contributing members of society, and most importantly, in a right relationship with God.  It is our desire that we are used to spread the gospel and that souls would enter the kingdom of God.

Gleanings at Work

The Gleanings Ministry will provide a dinner on the last Sunday of each month to connect with those in the community.  Food, clothing, and hygiene items will be available for those in need.  The event is an opportunity to make personal connections with our neighbors to achieve spiritual growth and stability.

The ministry will also be a resource for connections to temporary shelter, transitional housing, and other immediate solutions, depending on specific needs.  Additionally, providing discipleship, life training, education (like GED), work opportunities, and job training that they may stabilize their lives.  The Gleanings Ministry will partner with other Christian ministries that have established programs for the needy and with the community at large for the growth, spiritual, and physical well-being of all involved.

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Click here for a list of our current inventory of hygiene & other items and what we need.

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