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Gleanings Hygiene Item Inventory


The Gleanings Ministry provides hygiene and other items for those who come to the Community Dinner. Below is a list of our current inventory, indicating what we need before the next Community Dinner. The colors in the Quantity Needed column indicate the degree of need we have for those items. If the Quantity Needed cell is Red it indicated that the item's inventory is very low (50% or less) and the greatest need; if the cell is Yellow it is the second greatest need (above 50% but below 100%), and if the cell is Green then we have meet or exceeded our expected quantity of that item.  Only the items determined to be necessities are color coded, the lower portion of the chart lists the items that are not considered necessities.  We still want to provide those items that are not necessities, but we prioritize our resources toward those that are necessities.  We will try to keep the Quantity Received current with incoming donations so the totals are accurate.  (If you are viewing this on a mobile phone, you will need to use the scroll bars to see all of the chart or click here for a full screen chart)

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